Who is Felix Rubio [Uvalde County Sheriff]? Wiki, and Biography

Felix Rubio, a deputy with the Uvalde County Sheriff, is seen being detained in a disturbing video from the day of the Uvalde tragedy, which shows police failing to stop gunman Salvador Ramos.

The footage shows how simple it was for Ramos to enter the school and kill 19 students and two teachers. One of the kids who was killed was Alexandria Aniyah Rubio, 10, Rubio’s daughter.

As Ramos is being confronted by various law enforcement agents, Rubio is seen being forcefully restrained. Rubio, who is crying and gesturing, is shown being crossed by an officer while they both use hand sanitizer.

Police can be seen standing in the corridor for 77 minutes, checking their phones, and dodging gunshots in the footage, which was first obtained by The Austin-American Statesman. Later, Salvador Ramos locked himself inside a classroom and killed 21 people.

Who is Felix Rubio?

Rubio, an Iraq War veteran, and his wife Kimberly became proponents of gun control after the shooting in which their daughter Lexi was tragically murdered.

Ramos can be seen driving his car around a turn and into a ditch at the beginning of the footage. He opens fire as two men approach the automobile. The men can be seen scurrying away from Ramos.

The video then pans across to Ramos, who is carrying an AR-15 as he enters the school. A witness recorded this particular video of Ramos strolling into the school.

The following video depicts Ramos approaching the corridor and pausing to make sure he is heading in the proper direction. He then went into rooms 111 and 112, which is where the shooting happened.

Three minutes later, the first police officers show up on the scene. After attempting to enter the classrooms, two uniformed police officers and one officer in plain clothing are seen crouching in the hallway. 19 minutes after the initial attempt to attack Ramos, the first heavy reinforcements arrive.

Meanwhile, fresh information in the case suggests that two police officers may have had an opportunity to save the lives of the 19 children and two teachers who Salvador Ramos viciously murdered.

An officer reportedly saw 18-year-old Ramos carrying a gun before he entered the elementary school. According to reports, the cop radioed for authorization to fire but never received a response. The supervisor “either did not hear or answered too late” when the officer asked for authorization to shoot.

Pete Arredondo, a 50-year-old cop, received the most criticism. Arredondo received criticism for allegedly deterring police from confronting Salvador Ramos, who killed 21 people before being shot dead, in a classroom at Robb Elementary School.

(Image Source: Felix Rubio)

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