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Sarah Lopez is a Pro-abortion activist and social media personality. At a congressional hearing to assess the effects of repealing Roe v. Wade, Sara Lopez testified. In addition to calling her abortion the best choice she’s ever made, Lopez told the House Oversight Committee that it was an act of “self love.”

Lopez claims to work with the nonprofit We Testify in a web bio. Lopez’s comments infuriated conservative observers, with writer Benny Johnson calling her “demonic.”

Who is Sarah Lopez?

Sarah Lopez

Lopez is described as eager to tell her tale on the We Testify website. Sarah Lopez is a frequent speaker on abortion for women. At a hearing on the effects of the Supreme Court’s decision to reverse Roe v. Wade, she provided testimony. “I adore my abortion and I will remain unapologetic because it was the best decision I’ve ever made,” adds Lopez, expressing her respect for the procedure.

Lopez also works as a client coordinator at Jane’s Due Process, another pro-abortion organization, and she formerly held the same position for Fund Texas Choice, according to her LinkedIn profile. Austin, Texas serves as Lopez’s home base.

Lopez revealed to The Nation that she frequently arranged for women to go to New Mexico, Colorado, and Oklahoma to obtain abortions after the passage of Texas’ six-week fetal heartbeat abortion ban in 2021.

At a later point in the session, South Carolina Republican Congressman Ralph Norman asked Lopez if she supported taking the life of a “perfectly healthy child.” I disagree with the premise of that question, but I do think abortion is health care, Lopez said in response.

Lopez also served as the youth program manager for Jane’s Due Process, a linking service for abortion providers that shut down entirely in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling. Several people on Twitter sharply criticized Lopez’s remarks, with some going so far as to label them “demented.”

How old is Sarah Lopez?

Sarah Lopez

Sarah Lopez is in her 30s.

Who is Sarah Lopez’s Husband/Boyfriend?

Sarah Lopez

However, there is not much information about Sarah Lopez’s husband or boyfriend.

How Rich is Sarah Lopez?

Sarah Lopez

The estimated Net Worth of Sarah Lopez is between $100K to $300K USD.

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