Charli D’Amelio Nose Surgery: Know The Facts

Charli D’Amelio revealed that she got surgery to fix her nose and her fans have been reacting to her post-op look.

Recently, Charli D’Amelio just announced some exciting new projects like her new Morphe collab with her sister Dixie as well as teasing their upcoming reality show which is apparently “in the works.”

In April, she tweeted saying quote, “fun storytime so I broke my nose in august and ever since then I have had breathing problems in my right nostril I was supposed to have surgery in November to fix it but then I started having problems in my left nostril and now I can barely breathe out of my nose at all.”

Since then, she’s been talking about her nose and breathing problems for a while now. Then, she also revealed that the breathing difficulties had stopped her from participating in dance classes, and we all know dancing is Charli’s number one passion.

Charli D’Amelio even demonstrated how messed up her breathing was in her collab with James Charles. Later, Charli revealed last week that she finally got the surgery to help her breathe right again. Just after a day after posting some dancing videos over the weekend, Charli revealed that she needs to take some time off dancing to heal.

She tweeted saying quote, “Hi bebs sorry I have to take a little break from making any dance content since I am not supposed to be dancing yet and it could prolong my recovery I hope you all understand and I promise all will be back to normal soon!”

And many of her fans have been rallying around her saying how beautiful she looks, even after getting surgery. One person tweeted saying quote, “it should be illegal to look like this after surgery, YOU R THE PRETTIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD @charlidamelio”

Later, another fan wrote a quote, “the fact that she had a surgery and is still trying to make content. we love u Charli <3 @charlidamelio #charlidamelio”

And many other fans just wished Charli a speedy recovery saying things like “get well soon I love u so so so much !!!! here’s some virtual tea for u to get better!!! love u @charlidamelio.”

Furthermore, Charli announced that she and her sister Dixie are collaborating with Morphe on their new brand. Charli took to IG to share the exciting news and wrote a quote, “can’t believe I can finally share the news with you all!!!,” and added Dixie and I partnered with Morphe on their new brand, Morphe2, launching next week on 7/30. I love it and I hope you love it. all the launch details can be found on Morphe’s insta.”

And the products look like they are perfect for that dewy, glowy look all at a very affordable price. The makeup products are all listed at under $20 and the brush set and bag are listed at $24. Moreover, there’s everything from eye shimmers to lip oils to skin tints and fans are excited about the collection.

Last week, they also updated our sister magazine Cosmo about a potential D’Amelio family reality show. They’ve teased a potential reality show for a while now in various interviews and said “There are some things
in the works. I’m just excited for people to see more of our family dynamic — that’s really what makes us who we are. We are super close as a family, so that’s something I’d love to bring more light to and just have fun with it. That would be exciting, and I hope it does happen.”

Dixie chimed in talking about what it will be like to have cameras around all the time saying quote, “I think there will be some moments when we will be a little nervous and getting used to it, but it’s also so exciting knowing that people will get to know us and our personalities more.”

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