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Hey folks!! I am Madhuri Shetty, I had an opportunity to interview with “We Are Lady Parts” actress, Sarah Kameela Impey. In the article, you will get to known about your favorite star Sarah Kameela Impey. Before jumping into the Q&A, here is a little summary. Sarah is an actress and a poet, she was born in England, the United Kingdom on March 18th, 1991. Currently, she is a cast member at “We Are Lady Parts,” playing the role of “Saira” as the main singer and rhythm guitar player. Furthermore, she is best known for her work in The Second Chance (2013), Halcyon Heights (2016), and Royal Shakespeare Company: The Tempest (2017). Follow Sarah Kameela Impey on Instagram.

Q. What Has Been The Proudest Moment In Your Career So Far?

This moment right now. Being part of such a beautiful and funny story. Working with and learning from some of the funniest, kindest, and most talented women I have ever met.

Q. What Makes You Happy?

So many things, in my inner world my frame of mind, awareness, and gratitude. In my outer world my beautiful family, boyfriend, friends, and life’s adventures.

Q. If You Weren’t Famous, What Would You Be Up To Right Now?

I’m not famous, that I know of, so right now I am going for a walk, deep chat, and adventure with one of my closest friends.

Q. What Are You Good At?

My parents brought me up in such a way that I believe I can do anything, or at least try. I love singing in harmony, dancing, acting, of course, I am a reiki practitioner, I am constantly learning. I am a great listener and love to make people laugh.

Q. What Is One Thing People May Be Surprised To Find Out About You?

I had to have an eyebrow transplant because I had an allergic reaction to a facial wash. So the hair were. My eyebrows are is from the back of my head.

Q. As a kid, What Did You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

I wanted to be a vet, it was the vet practice era and I loved animals. Then I found out you had to treat spiders and I was terrified of them then so it spoilt the dream.

Q. What Do You Like Doing In Your Spare Time?

If it’s sunny I love getting lost in nature or heading to a friend’s garden to drink tea and chat but if it’s rainy I will stay in reading and practice playing my Gong.

Q. How Much Do You Work Out?

30 mins about 5 times a week

Q. How Many Other Languages Do You Speak?

None unfortunately but I picked up a little Portuguese when I lived in Brazil for 3 months so am trying to re-learn it now.

Q. What is Your Greatest Fear?

That humanity will continue to disrespect and destroy each other and never use their consciousness to reach an equilibrium

Q. What Was Your Most Embarrassing Moment?

I had to open my A level results on TV and I got an A in English Literature. The interviewer said do you need these good results for your degree and I said not really, I want to be an actor but it’s good ‘Sound of Mind’, which obviously isn’t an actual phrase, it’s peace of mind, not great for someone so good at English Lit.

Q. Who Is Your Celebrity Crush?

Les Twins are the most incredible dancers.

Q. What Is The Important Lesson Life As Though You?

To trust my gut, to be flexible, rest when I need to and give my energy to the right places and people.

Q. Tell Us a Secret?

I am working on putting out a personal album next year.

Q. Who Is Your Favorite Actor/Actress?

Can I have 4: Anjana Vasan, Juliette Motamed, Faith Omole, and Lucie Shorthouse

Q. What Is Your Favorite Color?

Electric blue

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