Who is Tim Wakefield’s Wife? Stacy Stover

Stacy Stover is widely recognized as the spouse of the late Tim Wakefield, a prominent American professional baseball knuckleball pitcher who tragically passed away at the age of 57. The Boston baseball community conveyed the somber news of his passing through their official social media channels on a Sunday. In their heartfelt announcement, the team expressed, “The loss of Tim Wakefield profoundly saddens our hearts.”

Stacy Stover

They went on to describe him as a paragon of virtue, a dedicated husband, loving father, and exemplary teammate, in addition to being a cherished broadcaster and an unwavering pillar of the community. Tim Wakefield’s enduring legacy transcends the confines of the baseball diamond, as he bestowed immeasurable contributions upon the sport and endeared himself to the entire Red Sox Nation, leaving an indelible mark that will be remembered with deep respect and admiration.

Who is Stacy Stover?

Stacy Stover
Early 50's
Net Worth
$500K USD
Tim Wakefield

While Stacy Stover is widely acknowledged as the spouse of the late Tim Wakefield, there is limited information available about her personal or professional life. However, when discussing her husband, Tim Wakefield’s legacy in the world of baseball is truly remarkable.

During a touching tribute before the Red Sox’s game against the Baltimore Orioles on a somber Sunday, Wakefield’s former teammate, Kevin Youkilis, became visibly emotional as he honored the late pitcher. Tim Wakefield’s journey in baseball is a testament to dedication and versatility.

Stacy Stover

Initially drafted as a first baseman, he made a pivotal decision to transition into a pitcher, mastering the art of the knuckleball—a pitch that was considered somewhat antiquated at the time—during a stint in the minor leagues, as reported by ESPN.

This transformation paved the way for an illustrious career, during which Wakefield achieved the remarkable milestone of 200 major league victories. A significant portion of these victories was earned while donning the Red Sox uniform, solidifying his status as a beloved figure within the franchise.

Notably, Wakefield’s total of 186 wins with the Red Sox places him in esteemed company, trailing only fellow legends Cy Young and Roger Clemens in this hallowed category. Tim Wakefield’s legacy continues to resonate in the hearts of baseball enthusiasts, leaving an enduring mark in the annals of the sport.

How old is Stacy Stover?

Stacy Stover, a resident of the United States in her early 50s, remains a figure with limited available personal information. Unfortunately, details about her parents and siblings are not readily accessible at this time.

Stacy Stover

It is possible that additional information about her family background may come to light in the future as further research and investigation are conducted. In the meantime, the focus remains on the known aspects of her life and her connection to her late husband, Tim Wakefield, whose legacy in the world of baseball is widely celebrated.

Who is Stacy Stover’s Husband?

Stacy Stover was married to Tim Wakefield, not to herself. The couple tied the knot in 2002 and have a son named Trevor Wakefield.

Stacy Stover

Tim Wakefield was a renowned American professional baseball knuckleball pitcher with a storied career, as mentioned earlier. If you have any more specific questions or need further information, please feel free to ask.

What is Stacy Stover’s Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Stacy Stover is around $500K USD.


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