Who is Alan Colie? Man who shot YouTube prankster Tanner Cook

The incident in which Alan Colie shot YouTube prankster Tanner Cook in April has drawn significant attention and concern. Tanner Cook, the proprietor of the “Classified Goons” YouTube channel, known for creating prank-based content, found himself in a distressing situation while filming a video for his channel. Regrettably, the specific details regarding the content of Cook’s video at the time of the incident have not been disclosed by the authorities.

Tanner Cook
Tanner Cook

The intended prank, directed at Alan Colie, a 31-year-old delivery driver residing in Leesburg, took an unexpected and grave turn. Colie, the individual at the center of the prank, reacted unfavorably to the situation. In response to the prank, Colie retrieved a semi-automatic weapon and discharged it, resulting in Cook sustaining gunshot wounds to his liver and stomach.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential hazards and consequences associated with certain forms of online content creation. It underscores the importance of adopting responsible and safe practices, particularly in the realm of digital media, to prevent such unfortunate events from occurring in the future.

Who is Alan Colie?

Alan Colie
31 years old
Net Worth

Alan Colie, a 31-year-old delivery driver from Leesburg, and Tanner Cook unfolded as Cook attempted to prank Colie. In a regrettable turn of events, Colie resorted to using a semi-automatic weapon, ultimately firing shots that struck Cook in the liver and stomach. Initially, Colie faced multiple charges, including the serious offenses of shooting and “aggravated intentional wounding.”

However, following a recent court hearing, Colie was acquitted of the significant charges, leaving him with a minor gun-related offense to contend with. This incident took place within the premises of Dulles Town Centre Mall in Sterling, Virginia, and the entire altercation, as depicted in available footage, transpired in a matter of seconds—no longer than 30 seconds, to be precise.

Tanner Cook
Tanner Cook

During this brief confrontation, Alan Colie attempted to distance himself from Cook while vocally demanding him to “stop” on three separate occasions. Despite these warnings, Cook persisted in approaching Colie, and it was in response to Cook’s continued actions, particularly in failing to remove the phone from his face, that Colie discharged his revolver, resulting in Cook being shot in the lower corner of the stomach. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the critical importance of exercising caution and de-escalation techniques in potentially volatile situations, especially when engaging with pranks or confrontations.

How old is Alan Colie ?

Alan Colie was born in the USA in 1991, making him 31 years old at present. While we have information about his age and place of birth, details concerning his parents and siblings remain limited.

Tanner Cook
Tanner Cook

Efforts may be made in the future to obtain more comprehensive information about his family background. Privacy considerations are paramount when discussing personal details of individuals and their families, and any additional information will be shared if and when it becomes available.

Who is Alan Colie’s Girlfriend?

Tanner Cook
Tanner Cook

As of the available information and given the privacy considerations surrounding personal relationships, details regarding Alan Colie’s girlfriend or relationship status are not publicly known. It’s common for individuals to keep their personal relationships private, and this practice is respected. If there are any developments or if Alan Colie chooses to share information about his personal life in the future, it will be up to him to do so.

What is Alan Colie Net Worth?

Tanner Cook
Tanner Cook

Alan Colie’s Net Worth information is currently unknown, as it has not been publicly disclosed or widely reported.

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