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Pattie Gonia, whose birth name is Wyn Wiley, is a self-identified “environmentalist,” “drag queen,” and “professional homosexual.” Their multifaceted persona encompasses a passionate commitment to advancing environmental activism through the creation of imaginative films and theatrical productions.

Pattie Gonia

While not donning the vibrant and transformative persona of Pattie Gonia, Wyn Wiley identifies as a gay man, signifying a vital aspect of their authentic self. It’s noteworthy, however, that when assuming the captivating role of “Gonia” in full drag attire, she/they pronouns are the preferred choice, a reflection of the nuanced and multifarious nature of gender expression within the drag community.

Yet, in everyday life outside the dazzling world of drag, Wyn Wiley opts for he/they pronouns, underscoring the significance of respecting individual identity and pronoun preferences across various facets of their existence.

Who is Pattie Gonia?

Pattie Gonia
31 years old
Net Worth
$600K USD

Pattie Gonia, known by their birth name Wyn Wiley, is a self-identified “environmentalist,” “drag queen,” and “professional homosexual” who has garnered a substantial following on Instagram, boasting more than 570,000 devoted followers. At 30 years of age, Wiley hails from Nebraska and shares a profound affinity for the great outdoors.

By profession, Wiley serves as a creative director, lending their talents to renowned brands such as Adidas, Red Bull, and Disney. The remarkable journey of Pattie Gonia’s emergence commenced during a week-long hiking vacation in the scenic landscapes of Colorado.

It was on this occasion that Wyn Wiley decided to don a pair of high heels and introduce the world to the captivating persona of Pattie Gonia. Since their initial foray into the world of social media in December 2020, Gonia has consistently employed platforms like TikTok to convey a resounding message about the imperative need to respect and protect the Earth, our shared home.

Pattie Gonia

Pattie Gonia’s commitment to environmental advocacy reached a pinnacle on Earth Day in April of this year when they called upon their dedicated supporters to take tangible action in addressing the pressing climate crisis. Their impactful online presence has been dedicated to raising awareness about environmental issues for several years, positioning Gonia as a prominent voice within the realm of environmental activism.

Their tireless efforts were duly recognized when ‘Out magazine’ named Pattie Gonia as one of the esteemed “Out 100” in 2020, a distinction that underscores their influence and contributions within the LGBTQ+ and environmental advocacy communities, as reported by ‘The Advocate.’

How old is Pattie Gonia?

Pattie Gonia

Pattie Gonia, born in the United States in 1991, is currently 31 years old. While there is limited available information about Pattie Gonia’s parents and siblings at this time, further details about her family background may become available in the future as more information is gathered and shared.

Who is Pattie Gonia Boyfriend?

Pattie Gonia appears to maintain a level of privacy concerning her relationship status. Currently, there is no available information regarding whether she is in a relationship or single.

Pattie Gonia

As her personal life details are not publicly disclosed, we will provide updates should any information about her love life become available in the future. Stay tuned for further updates to learn more about Tia Christofi’s personal life when and if such information becomes accessible.

What is Pattie Gonia Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Pattie Gonia is around $600K USD.

Pattie Gonia

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