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Noa Argamani and her partner, Avinatan, were tragically kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists and taken to Gaza. The entire incident was captured in a video that was later shared on the internet, exposing the gravity of the situation. Noa Argamani is currently pursuing her studies in Software and Information Systems Engineering at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

Her LinkedIn bio reads which is now deleted “Software and information systems engineering Student | Ben-Gurion University of the Negev | 2nd year | I am a highly motivated and dedicated software developer with a passion for deep learning. Self-driven and can balance the drive for results, teamwork and the ability to quickly learn and pick up new technologies & applications. Ability to demonstrate an understanding of algorithms, data structures and other systems architecture factors that affect code quality, performance, and customer experience. Motivational, fast learner, open minded and always looking to learn new things and improve.”

The disturbing footage, as confirmed by Moshe, Avinatan’s brother, shows the harrowing moment when Noa and Avinatan were forcibly taken from the vicinity of the Israel-Gaza border. Reports indicate that both were attending a party in Re’im when this alarming incident unfolded.

Noa Argamani

In the video, Noa can be seen riding a motorcycle with two armed terrorists, while Avinatan is walking alongside, held captive by several other terrorists. Moshe first learned of his brother’s situation after viewing this distressing video.

He recounted, “We were worried and tried to call, but his phone was unavailable, and the same was true for Noa’s. After several agonizing hours, emergency response teams contacted us, revealing that they had viewed a video showing my brother and his girlfriend being kidnapped en route to the Gaza Strip.”

It is important to note that, since this incident became public, authorities have been working diligently to prevent the circulation of other similarly distressing videos depicting civilians and soldiers being abducted into the Gaza Strip, under cruel and dire circumstances.

Noa Argamani
Noa Argamani

Moshe, who had consented to the video’s dissemination in the media, admitted that he was initially skeptical until he had viewed the footage himself. He shared, “I actively started scouring various groups on Telegram, and it didn’t take long for me to find it. Seeing Noa in the video, terrified and helpless, screaming in panic on a motorcycle while held by these malefactors, left me profoundly shaken. My brother, a formidable individual who stands at two meters tall and trains strenuously four times a week, was outnumbered and overpowered as they were led towards the Gaza Strip.”

Expressing his dismay at the handling of the situation by authorities, Moshe criticized the absence of an official coordinating agency for the missing individuals since the onset of the attack.

“There are dozens more who are unaccounted for, and at present, no government agency has stepped in to manage this situation, except for Moked 100, which, regrettably, has been largely inactive. Private organizations on Instagram and Telegram have emerged, attempting to compile lists of missing persons, and the sheer number is staggering, numbering potentially in the hundreds,” he lamented.

Furthermore, Moshe underscored the fact that the terrorists compelled the abducted individuals to traverse the distance from the party location to the Gaza Strip on foot.

“The journey from Re’im to the Strip spans several kilometers, as evident from the videos, and a significant number of people were coerced into this ordeal. An immediate and decisive response is imperative at this juncture to prevent an even graver tragedy from unfolding,” he emphasized.

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Adding to the grim narrative, two young women who managed to escape the vicinity of the party site disclosed their terrifying ordeal in a separate interview. They recounted how they sought refuge for several hours, gripped by fear as they hid from the unfolding chaos.

“When the gunfire erupted, we fled, jumped into a car, and came under fire. We eventually stopped and fled into an orchard, venturing into the unknown, where we remained concealed from 6:30 a.m. onward. We anxiously awaited rescue, but our attempts to contact our parents and the police were thwarted by the absence of cell phone reception,” one of the women explained. She further added, “I felt an existential fear. Amidst the chaos, numerous individuals were in a state of hysteria, gunshots were echoing, and we prostrated ourselves on the ground with hands atop our heads. It was a near-death experience. We observed approximately ten terrorists on one side and another ten on the opposite, all in pursuit of us. We dared not venture out to witness the extent of the unfolding crisis, such was our fear.”

In the wake of these dire circumstances, hundreds of other partygoers sought refuge in the nearby Moshav Patish, where compassionate residents extended assistance, providing water, food, and support in the search for missing individuals. Despite these efforts, many individuals remain unaccounted for, leaving their distraught families in a fervent plea for assistance in locating their loved ones.

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