Who is Dinesh Melwani? Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Wife

Dinesh Melwani is notably recognized as the husband of the influencer Sheena Melwani. He is known for portraying the character “Trid” on various platforms. Trid has playfully alluded to the idea of revealing his true identity, stating that he will eventually do a face reveal, though the method remains a mystery.

He expressed his gratitude to their supporters, acknowledging that their family wouldn’t be able to achieve their incredible goals and experiences without the support of their followers. Dinesh Melwani and Sheena Melwani continue to captivate their audience with their creative and entertaining content.

Who is Dinesh Melwani?

Dinesh Melwani
45 years old
Net Worth
$800K USD
Sheena Melwani

Dinesh Melwani is most prominently known as the husband of the influencer Sheena Melwani. Together, the Melwanis have embraced the persona of “The Real Indian Dad,” affectionately known as Trid, and created dedicated TikTok and Instagram accounts for this character.

However, beyond the entertaining character, Dinesh Melwani is a 45-year-old transactional attorney at the law firm Mintz. In his professional role, he provides legal counsel to both U.S. and international clients across a spectrum of corporate matters.

Sheena Melwani

His educational background includes attending Concordia University and McGill University. Dinesh Melwani’s life has been characterized by a rich tapestry of experiences, as he has spent substantial periods of time in various countries, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Belize, Canada, Japan, and the United States.

His diverse life experiences and professional expertise contribute to the dynamic nature of the Melwani family’s story, which they share with their dedicated followers.

How old is  Dinesh Melwani?

Sheena Melwani

Dinesh Melwani was born in 1978 in the United States, which currently makes him 45 years old. Details about his parents and siblings are currently limited. Nevertheless, efforts are being made to gather additional insights about his family, and we aim to provide further details in the near future.

Who is Dinesh Melwani Wife?

Dinesh Melwani is happily married to the talented influencer Sheena Melwani, and their union has been blessed with two beautiful children, named Jae and Zara. The Melwani family, known for their creative and entertaining content, has captured the hearts of their followers with their charming family dynamics and engaging online presence.

Sheena Melwani

Through their social media platforms, Dinesh and Sheena Melwani have offered glimpses into their family life, sharing the joys and experiences that come with raising their children. The couple’s dedication to their online community and their warmth as parents have endeared them to many, making the Melwani family a beloved presence in the world of social media.

What is Dinesh Melwani Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of  Dinesh Melwani is around $800K USD.

Sheena Melwani


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