Who is Chelsea Claire? Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend

Chelsea Claire is widely recognized as the girlfriend of Ricky Hatton. Notably, she is a glamorous Playboy model, and their relationship has garnered attention due to a noticeable 14-year age difference between the two.

Chelsea Claire

In recent weeks, the couple has been active on Instagram, sharing numerous affectionate photos that showcase their bond and love for each other.

Who is Chelsea Claire?

Chelsea Claire
26 years old
Net Worth
$500K USD
Ricky Hatton

Chelsea Claire is indeed widely recognized as the girlfriend of Ricky Hatton. As of the time of writing, her Instagram account boasts 4,511 followers, with 774 posts. Aged 31, Chelsea works as a model for Playboy and is known for regularly sharing captivating photos on her social media platform.

Chelsea has been open about some of her preferences, indicating that two of her biggest turn-ons are hygiene and tattoos. Notably, Ricky Hatton’s upper body is adorned with tattoos, which aligns with her preference. Her captivating snaps on Instagram have attracted a significant following, and she often receives compliments from her admirers.

Chelsea Claire

Fans have described her as “amazing” and “adorable,” with one recent comment expressing sheer admiration with the words: “Unbelievable. You blow my mind.” Chelsea Claire’s presence on social media has undoubtedly captivated an enthusiastic audience.

How old is Chelsea Claire?

Chelsea Claire was reportedly born in 1997 in the United States, which would make her 26 years old as of today. Regrettably, there is limited available information about her parents and siblings at this time.

Chelsea Claire

It’s possible that she values her privacy regarding these aspects of her personal life. Efforts may be made to acquire additional information about her family background in the future, but such details may not be readily available to the public.

Who is Chelsea Claire Boyfriend?

Chelsea Claire is in a relationship with Ricky Hatton, the former boxer. Their relationship has included a trip to Tenerife during the summer, as revealed by a source close to the couple. However, the source suggests that they are taking things at a deliberate pace, emphasizing that it is still early days for them.

Chelsea Claire

Chelsea, at the age of 31, works as a model for Playboy and is known for her regular sharing of alluring photos on social media. She has been candid about her personal preferences, particularly noting that two of her significant turn-ons are hygiene and tattoos.

It’s noteworthy that Ricky Hatton, her partner, has an extensively tattooed upper body, aligning with her taste. Their relationship and Chelsea’s openness on social media have garnered attention, and they appear to be enjoying the process of getting to know each other.

What is Chelsea Claire Net Worth?

Chelsea Claire

The estimated Net Worth of Chelsea Claire is around $500K USD.

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