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The enigmatic masked rapper known as Dide catapulted to stardom in early 2023, a meteoric rise in the world of music that coincided with a bold claim of being a Premier League footballer. As news of his unique persona spread like wildfire, speculation regarding his true identity and the authenticity of his dual career as both musician and sportsman reached a fevered pitch.


Many questioned whether this was an ingenious marketing strategy, a carefully orchestrated fusion of personas designed to captivate a global audience. Amid the frenzy of curiosity surrounding Dide, Sky News secured an exclusive opportunity to conduct his inaugural on-camera interview, promising to shed light on the mystery that has captured the imagination of the public.

Who is Dide?

23 years old
Net Worth
$500K USD

Dide, the elusive rapper who embarked on his musical journey by releasing his work online, remains a figure shrouded in intrigue. Standing at a height of approximately 5 feet 10 inches, with a somewhat slender physique, Dide’s attire, which consistently obscures nearly every inch of his body, offers little in the way of personal revelation. Nevertheless, it is his distinctive voice, responsible for amassing millions of views on YouTube and plays on Spotify, that has propelled him to viral acclaim. When speaking in person, Dide’s accent hints at a London background, and he asserts that it remains unaltered and undistorted, dispelling any speculations to the contrary.


Since the debut of his first track, “Thrill,” in April, Dide has been the subject of frenzied speculation and the inspiration for numerous headlines. The song itself has achieved remarkable success, accumulating over 5 million plays on Spotify, while Dide has garnered an impressive following of more than 200,000 monthly listeners. On YouTube, “Thrill” has accumulated an impressive 2.3 million views, and the artist’s channel boasts nearly 80,000 devoted subscribers. Dide’s emergence as a captivating and mysterious talent has ignited widespread curiosity and enthusiasm within the music industry, leaving audiences eagerly awaiting what lies beneath his enigmatic persona.

Interestingly, Dide reveals a deeper connection to the world of football, which he describes as his “first love.” He claims to have been playing the sport since the tender age of six, and it has been the sole career path he ever considered. In an unexpected turn, Dide explains that music, while a passion shared by many of his fellow players behind the scenes, was never a pursuit he initially intended to undertake seriously. He recounts how, during a free day after a rigorous training session, he and his teammates decided to venture into a recording studio, leading to a creative journey that organically evolved into what we see today. Music, for Dide, has become another outlet for self-expression, one that he had never initially planned but has now become an integral part of his artistic identity.


How old is Dide?

Dide, who was born in the United States in the year 2000, is currently 23 years old. While we have substantial information about his rise to fame and his career in music and football, details concerning his parents and siblings remain elusive at this time. It is possible that we may uncover more information about his family in the future, and we will make efforts to gather and provide such information as it becomes available.

How old is Dide Girlfriend?


Dide has maintained a stringent level of privacy when it comes to his relationship status. As of now, it remains undisclosed whether he is currently in a relationship or single. We are committed to keeping you informed and will provide updates regarding his love life as soon as any relevant information becomes available. Please continue to stay tuned for further developments in this regard in the near future.

What is Dide Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Dide is around $500K USD.



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