Who is Dylan Dreyer’s Husband? Brian Fichera

Brian Fichera is notably recognized as the husband of Dylan Dreyer, a prominent meteorologist. In January 2022, Dylan Dreyer made a significant announcement, revealing her decision to no longer appear on the weekend edition of the daytime talk show. Her choice was driven by her desire to dedicate more time to her husband, Brian Fichera, and their sons.

Dylan shared her heartfelt perspective, stating, “These boys are my whole life, and Brian and I, we love being a team on weekends and spending as much time as we can with them and having as much fun as we can.” Her decision was fueled by her deep commitment to her family and the precious moments she shares with her husband and children. She emphasized that her primary focus would be on spending quality time at home and cherishing these invaluable moments with her family, particularly her three beloved sons. This choice reflects her dedication to creating lasting and memorable experiences with her loved ones.

Who is Brian Fichera?

Brian Fichera
Early 40's
Net Worth
$1 Million USD
Dylan Dreyer

Brian Fichera is widely acknowledged as the husband of Dylan Dreyer. He spent his formative years growing up in Easton, Massachusetts, located approximately an hour outside of Boston. Professionally, Fichera holds a role with NBC News, where he serves as a producer and cameraman. Additionally, he co-hosts a SiriusXM radio show titled “Lunch Date with Dylan & Brian,” alongside his wife, Dylan Dreyer.

Brian Fichera

The couple’s story began at NBC’s Boston affiliate station, WHDH, where they both worked. At that time, Dreyer was employed as a meteorologist, while Fichera took on the role of an in-studio technician. This shared professional environment served as the backdrop for the beginning of their personal and professional partnership, which eventually culminated in their marriage and collaborative ventures, including their radio show.

How old is Brian Fichera?

Brian Fichera

Brian Fichera is indeed a male, and as of the provided information, he is in his early 40s. While details about his parents and siblings are not readily available, it’s possible that more information about his family background may become accessible in the future. As of now, his personal life, including his familial connections, remains relatively private and not widely documented in the public domain. Any additional information about his family will be shared as it becomes available.

Who is Brian Fichera Husband?

Brian Fichera

Brian Fichera is married to Dylan Dreyer, a well-known American television meteorologist employed by NBC News. Their journey began when Fichera proposed to Dreyer in 2011. The couple exchanged their wedding vows at The Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston on October 6, 2012. Notably, this special day came just one month after Dreyer commenced her role as a co-anchor on “Weekend Today.”

While their entire wedding day was filled with cherished memories, their first dance holds a special place in their hearts. Fichera and Dreyer’s marital union has since brought the joys of parenthood into their lives. They are proud parents of three boys. In June 2016, Dreyer announced her pregnancy, and on December 17 of that year, she gave birth to their first son, Calvin Bradley. Subsequently, on January 2, 2020, their second son, Oliver George, was born. Their family continued to grow when Russell James arrived, albeit six weeks prematurely, on September 29, adding further blessings to their lives.

What is Brian Fichera Net Worth?

vBrian Fichera

The estimated Net Worth of Brian Fichera is around $1 Million USD.

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