Who is Sam Gagner’s Wife? Dr. Rachel Yelena

Dr. Rachel Yelena has gained recognition as the spouse of Sam Gagner, a seasoned right-winger in the National Hockey League (NHL) with a distinguished career spanning over 15 years. While Sam Gagner’s accomplishments on the ice have made him a prominent figure in the world of ice hockey, his personal life, and specifically his wife, Dr. Rachel Yelena, have remained relatively less known to the general public.

Dr. Rachel Yelena

Who is Dr. Rachel Yelena ?

Dr. Rachel Yelena
Early 30's
Net Worth
$500K USD
Sam Gagner

Dr. Rachel Yelena’s family background is steeped in the medical field, which aligns closely with her educational and professional endeavors. She earned her medical degree from the University of Alberta in 2013 and has since dedicated her efforts to serving the community through her work at a family medical clinic in Edmonton. Her medical background provides her with a unique perspective on the demanding schedules and injuries that athletes, like her husband Sam Gagner, often contend with.

Dr. Rachel Yelena

Sam Gagner’s recent contract signing with the Edmonton Oilers, a two-way agreement valued at $775,000, marks a fresh chapter in his illustrious hockey career. However, it’s worth noting a poignant moment from the fall of 2013, when his then-fiancée, Dr. Rachel Yelena, was unexpectedly thrust into a nerve-wracking situation. During her medical shift, she received a call that would undoubtedly have been an emotionally charged and impactful moment, adding depth to their journey as a couple.

How old is Dr. Rachel Yelena ?

Dr. Rachel Yelena

Dr. Rachel Yelena, in her early 30s and a native of Canada, has garnered attention for her professional accomplishments and her role as the spouse of Sam Gagner. However, as of now, there is limited available information about her parents and siblings. Efforts are ongoing to gather additional details about her family background, and any relevant information will be provided as it becomes available.

Who is Dr. Rachel Yelena Husband?

Dr. Rachel Yelena and Sam Gagner, the seasoned right-winger in the National Hockey League (NHL), embarked on their journey as a married couple in 2014. Their love story traces its origins back to 2010, although they initially crossed paths in 2008 through mutual friends in Edmonton, a city that holds significance in their relationship. Over the years, they weathered the challenges of a long-distance relationship, particularly when Sam was acquired by the Arizona Coyotes in 2014.

Dr. Rachel Yelena

Their wedding day was a splendid and glamorous affair, characterized by a Great Gatsby theme that added a touch of timeless elegance to the occasion. Dr. Rachel Yelena looked resplendent in an exquisite gown designed by Inbal Dror. The ceremony was further enriched by the melodious tones of Gagner’s sister, who graced the celebration with her singing, accompanied by the soothing melodies of Linke’s brother on the guitar. This combination of personal touches and thematic elements made their wedding day a truly memorable and unique experience.

What is Dr. Rachel Yelena Net Worth?

Dr. Rachel Yelena

The estimated Net Worth of Dr. Rachel Yelena is around $500K USD.

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