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Israel Barona, a rising star in the world of surfing hailing from Ecuador and an Olympic hopeful, tragically passed away at the age of 34 after a medical emergency occurred in his hotel room in Central America. The National Civil Police (PNC) disclosed the heartbreaking news, revealing that Barona suffered seizures while staying at his hotel in El Zonte, La Libertad.

Israel Barona

Despite being rushed to a hospital, he had already passed away, according to the PNC. Importantly, authorities have ruled out any suspicion of foul play, indicating that his death was not a result of homicide. The Ecuadorian Olympic Committee also confirmed this somber news, emphasizing that Israel Barona was in El Salvador to participate in a surfing competition at the time of his passing. His untimely death is a profound loss to the world of surfing and to those who held hope for his Olympic aspirations.

Who was Israel Barona?

Israel Barona
34 years old
Net Worth
$300K USD
El Salvador
Marie-Christine Amyot

Israel Barona was a talented surfer with dreams of becoming an Olympic athlete. He was diligently working toward his goal of competing in the 2024 Paris Olympics, aiming to represent Ecuador in the sport of surfing.

Barona’s passion for surfing ignited at the age of 10, and he went on to proudly represent Ecuador in prestigious events like the World Surfing Games and Bolivarian Games. His dedication to the sport was evident through his achievements, including winning several national championships.

Israel Barona

Interestingly, Israel Barona came from a family deeply involved in surfing. His sister, Dominic Barona, is also a surfer and had the honor of participating in the 2020 Olympics. She continued to make waves in the surfing world, having recently competed in the 2023 Pan American Games. Barona’s legacy in the sport is a testament to his talent and commitment to the waves, and he will be deeply missed by the surfing community.

How old was Israel Barona?

Israel Barona

Israel Barona was born in El Salvador. He was 34 years old at the time of his unfortunate passing. Details about his parents and siblings remain limited. If additional information about his family background becomes available in the future, we will make every effort to provide a more comprehensive understanding of Israel Barona’s familial connections.

Who was Israel Barona Wife?

Israel Barona

Israel Barona was married to Marie-Christine Amyot, and they shared a son. In May 2021, he shared a picture with her along with a caption that expressed their love and excitement for the future, saying, “This year is going to be very special, with great projects and blessings such as creating a life together with the woman I love. I have traveled and shared thousands of beautiful moments together.” This information offers a glimpse into his personal life and the love he shared with his family.

What was Israel Barona Net Worth?

Israel Barona

The estimated Net Worth of Israel Barona is around $300K USD.

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