Who is Ken Mattingly’s Wife? Elizabeth Dailey

Elizabeth Dailey is primarily recognized as the wife of Ken Mattingly, an astronaut known for his crucial role in helping save the crew of Apollo 13. Following a statement by NASA Administrator Bill Nelson on NASA’s website, it was confirmed that Mattingly had passed away on October 31. In the statement, Nelson referred to Mattingly as one of the country’s heroes and highlighted his significance in the success of the Apollo Program. Mattingly’s remarkable contributions to NASA have secured his place in history.

Who is Elizabeth Dailey?

Elizabeth Dailey
Mid 70
Net Worth
$500K USD
Ken Mattingly

Elizabeth Dailey is primarily recognized as the wife of Ken Mattingly, an astronaut celebrated for his pivotal role in the successful rescue of the crew of Apollo 13. Despite her association with such an illustrious figure, limited details regarding her personal and professional life are available.  Turning our attention to her husband, Ken Mattingly was a multifaceted individual, distinguished as an American aviator, aeronautical engineer, test pilot, and rear admiral in the United States Navy.

Elizabeth Dailey

He also earned recognition as an astronaut, having embarked on notable missions such as Apollo 16 and Space Shuttle missions STS-4 and STS-51-C. Mattingly’s journey into space exploration began with his enrollment at the Air Force Aerospace Research Pilot School, and he subsequently garnered the distinction of being selected as part of NASA’s astronaut class in 1966, a testament to his exceptional skills and qualifications. His contributions to the command module pilot role for Apollo 16 in 1972 and his tenure as a spacecraft commander for space shuttle missions STS-4 in 1982 and STS 51-C in 1985 solidify his legacy as a prominent figure in the annals of space exploration history.

How old is Elizabeth Dailey?

Elizabeth Dailey, a resident of the United States in her mid-70s, remains a figure with limited publicly available information regarding her family background, including details about her parents and siblings.

Elizabeth Dailey

Nevertheless, efforts are ongoing to uncover additional insights into her familial connections, and further information may become available in the future. Dailey’s life, although currently shrouded in relative obscurity, may yet reveal more about her personal history and background as researchers and individuals seek to gather a more comprehensive understanding of her life story.

Who is Elizabeth Dailey Husband?

Elizabeth Dailey is notable as the spouse of Ken Mattingly, and their marital union was established in June 1970, a mere two months following the triumphant return of the Apollo 13 mission to Earth. The fruits of their union resulted in the birth of their only child, a son named Thomas Kenneth Mattingly III, who made his entrance into the world in 1972. Intriguingly, young Thomas arrived just two months after his father’s historic return from the moon, marking a remarkable and historically significant moment in their family’s chronicle.

Elizabeth Dailey

Thomas Kenneth Mattingly III has since pursued an impressive career in the field of medicine, distinguishing himself as a neurosurgeon with a specialization in complex spine surgery and the treatment of spinal cord injuries. His professional journey has led him to become a valued member of the medical community, and he presently practices his expertise at Neurosurgical Associates in Richmond, Virginia. Additionally, Thomas has embarked on the journey of family life, as he is married and blessed with two children, further enriching the Mattingly family’s legacy with accomplishments in both the field of medicine and the joys of familial connections.

What is Elizabeth Dailey Net Worth?

Elizabeth Dailey

The estimated Net Worth of Elizabeth Dailey is around $500K USD.

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