Who is Matt Ulrich’s Wife? Alison Ulrich

Alison Ulrich, widely recognized as the spouse of Matt Ulrich, a distinguished Super Bowl champion and retired offensive guard for the Indianapolis Colts, has sadly passed away at the age of 41, as confirmed by the team’s owner, Jim Irsay. Expressing profound sorrow, Irsay conveyed the news on Wednesday, sharing a poignant image of Ulrich clutching the Vince Lombardi trophy in 2007.


In his heartfelt statement, Irsay remarked, “I am heartbroken to hear of the passing of Matt Ulrich. Matt was with us for only two seasons, but he left an indelible mark on many. A great individual, I have heard he was a devoted father — and, notably, he was a Super Bowl champion. My prayers extend to his grieving family during this difficult time.” The somber news marks the end of a chapter in the Colts’ history, with Ulrich leaving an enduring legacy both on and off the field.

Who is Alison Ulrich?

Alison Ulrich
Mid 20'S
Net Worth
$200K USD
Matt Ulrich

Alison Ulrich is widely acknowledged as the spouse of Matt Ulrich, a distinguished Super Bowl champion and retired offensive guard for the Indianapolis Colts. While not much is known about her personal or professional life, the focus often shifts to her late husband, a Super Bowl Champ and Former Indianapolis Colts Star.

The former captain at Northwestern University, Ulrich, had a brief yet impactful NFL career, spanning two seasons with the Colts. His pivotal contribution came to fruition when a Peyton Manning-led Colts team secured a triumphant victory over the Chicago Bears with a scoreline of 29–17 in Super Bowl XLI.

Alison Ulrich

Ulrich’s role in the championship win did not go unnoticed, and upon his retirement in 2016, Manning reflected on the moment, attributing the success to the collective effort of the team, which prominently included Ulrich. This glimpse into the career and accolades of Matt Ulrich provides a snapshot of his significant impact both on and off the field during his tenure with the Indianapolis Colts.

How old is Alison Ulrich?

Alison Ulrich, a resident of the USA, is currently in her mid-30s. While details about her parents and siblings remain scarce at the moment, efforts are underway to gather more comprehensive information on this aspect of her familial background.

Alison Ulrich

As the quest for additional details continues, it is anticipated that a more complete picture of Alison Ulrich’s family connections will emerge, shedding light on the individuals who have played a role in shaping her life. The commitment to uncovering these details underscores the importance of understanding the broader context of her personal background.

Who is Alison Ulrich Husband?

Alison Ulrich

Alison Ulrich is happily married to Matt Ulrich, and together they form a loving family with four children. The Ulrich family includes Gunther, Dalton, Bowden, and Thoreau. As parents, Alison and Matt are likely dedicated to fostering a nurturing and supportive environment for their children, and the unique names of their offspring add an interesting touch to the family dynamic. While the public may not have an extensive glimpse into their private lives, the mention of their four children reflects the joy and fulfillment that family brings to the Ulrich household.

What is Alison Ulrich Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Alison Ulrich is around $200K USD.

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