Who is David Arquette Wife? Christina McLarty Arquette

Christina McLarty Arquette is widely recognized as the wife of David Arquette, a prominent actor. While David Arquette is celebrated for his contributions to the entertainment industry, Christina McLarty has made a name for herself as a journalist, television host, and producer.

In her career, Christina has worked as a correspondent and producer, contributing to various news outlets. Beyond her professional endeavors, she is known for her marriage to David Arquette, and the couple tied the knot in 2015. They share a family together with two children.

Christina McLarty Arquette

For the latest and most accurate information about Christina McLarty Arquette’s personal life, career, and current activities, it is recommended to check her official social media profiles, interviews, or any recent articles featuring her. These sources provide valuable insights into her dynamic life alongside her notable husband, David Arquette.

Who is Christina McLarty Arquette?

Christina McLarty Arquette
41 years old
Net Worth
$300K USD
David Arquette

Christina McLarty Arquette, widely known as the wife of acclaimed actor David Arquette, has a multifaceted background that extends beyond her role in the entertainment industry. Born and raised in Hope, Arkansas, by her parents Shelley and Bud, Christina later moved to Little Rock during her early school years. In a 2022 profile featured in The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, she fondly reminisced about the magical summers in Hope, recalling the enchanting atmosphere with fireflies, the croaking of bullfrogs, and the unique stickiness of the region.

Christina McLarty Arquette

Christina pursued her education in journalism at New York University, where she honed her skills and gained valuable experiences. During her college years, she interned for Senator Hillary Clinton, leveraging her familial connection as her uncle, Mack McLarty, served as former President Bill Clinton’s chief of staff. Additionally, Christina interned for MTV’s news and documentary division, marking the beginning of her journey in the media landscape.

Her initial foray into full-time employment included roles in local broadcasting in Arkansas and Texas. Subsequently, Christina established herself as a reporter for renowned entertainment news programs such as Entertainment Tonight and The Insider. In her Instagram bio, she proudly identifies as an “Emmy award-winning journalist Producer,” emphasizing her achievements in the field.

Not confined to reporting, Christina has ventured into the realm of production, amassing credits on several documentaries, including noteworthy works such as “You Cannot Kill David Arquette,” “They Call Me Magic,” and “God Said Give ‘Em Drum Machines.” Her diverse experiences in both journalism and production underscore Christina McLarty Arquette’s versatile and accomplished career within the media industry.

How old is Christina McLarty Arquette?

Christina McLarty Arquette

Christina McLarty Arquette was reportedly born in 1981 in the USA, which would currently make her around 41 years old. For precise and up-to-date details about her birthdate, age, as well as information about her parents and siblings, it is advisable to consult reliable sources, such as her official profiles or recent interviews and articles featuring her. As personal information, especially regarding family members, can be private, updates on these matters will be provided as soon as more information becomes available.

Who is Christina McLarty Arquette Husband?

Christina McLarty Arquette and David Arquette entered into matrimony in 2015, marking the union of their lives. Their initial encounter transpired when Christina interviewed David for Entertainment Tonight, setting the stage for a connection that would later blossom into a relationship. According to the Democrat-Gazette, the couple’s paths crossed again at a boat party in the summer of 2011, although it wasn’t an instantaneous love story.

Christina McLarty Arquette

The couple’s journey expanded with the arrival of their two children. Christina gave birth to their first child, a baby boy named Charlie West Arquette, on April 28, 2014, in Los Angeles. The birth announcement emphasized the well-being of both mother and baby, expressing gratitude for the well wishes and requesting privacy during that time. Notably, according to the Democrat-Gazette, Charlie’s name pays homage to David Arquette’s grandfather, Clifford Charles Arquette, adding a meaningful family connection to the choice of name for their firstborn.

What is Christina McLarty Arquette’s Net Worth?

Christina McLarty Arquette

The estimated Net Worth of  Christina McLarty Arquette is around $300K USD.

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