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Tara Bernstein, engaged to Hunter Fieri, has garnered attention not just for her personal life but also for her culinary skills, showcasing her prowess in the kitchen. In their first-ever interview since their engagement on Thanksgiving Day, Hunter spoke exclusively with PEOPLE, applauding Tara’s “drive” and “ambition” in her career. As a personality famous on social media, her fans are naturally curious to delve into the details of her personal life, career, and relationship status.

Tara Bernstein

Tara’s proficiency in the culinary arts adds an intriguing layer to her public persona. As Hunter highlights her determination and career ambition, it becomes evident that Tara is not only making waves in their personal life but also carving out a noteworthy path in her professional endeavors. With a growing fan base eager to learn more about the facets of her life beyond the spotlight, exploring Tara Bernstein’s personal journey promises to unveil a captivating narrative of love, ambition, and culinary expertise.

Who is Tara Bernstein?

Tara Bernstein
Mid 20's
Net Worth
$400K USD
Hunter Fieri

Tara Bernstein, the fiancée of Hunter Fieri, is a New York native, hailing from Queens. Her upbringing took place in Glen Oaks, and she attended Bayside High School before embarking on her academic journey at Pace University. At Pace, Tara not only pursued a degree in communications but also showcased her athletic prowess as a softball player.

Graduating in 2018, Tara distinguished herself as a student athlete, achieving an NCAA Championship win while studying sports broadcasting. Her dedication to her studies and sports was evident during her college years. Tara also gained valuable professional experience through internships, with her time working with the New York Mets being particularly impactful, an experience she describes as something she is “forever grateful for.”

Tara Bernstein

Beyond her academic and professional pursuits, Tara Bernstein has carved a niche for herself as a professional pickleball player. Additionally, she contributes to the sports industry by working in production for the New York Mets. Tara’s multi-faceted journey, spanning academics, athletics, and professional endeavors, highlights her versatility and commitment to excellence in various aspects of her life.

How old is Tara Bernstein?

Tara Bernstein, in her mid-20s and from the USA, maintains a certain level of privacy regarding her parents and siblings. Currently, there is limited available information about her familial background.

Efforts are underway to gather additional details regarding her parents and siblings, and we anticipate being able to provide more comprehensive information in the near future. In the meantime, the focus remains on respecting Tara Bernstein’s privacy while acknowledging the ongoing interest in learning more about her family and personal history.

Who is Tara Bernstein Fiancee?

Tara Bernstein is engaged to Hunter Fieri, and their love story unfolded at the 2022 Super Bowl in Arizona. The athlete was present at the game to host an activation with Franklin Sports, while Hunter, the emerging chef, was assisting his father in hosting Guy Fieri’s Flavortown Tailgate outside the stadium. Their initial interaction occurred amidst the lively atmosphere of dancing and celebration.

Tara Bernstein

Recalling the moment, Tara shared with PEOPLE, “We’re all dancing, having a great time. I turned around and I’m like, ‘Hey, can you take a video of me?’ And it was Hunter.” Hunter agreed to capture the video, a simple recording of Tara “dancing” and “having fun” for a whole minute. This chance encounter at a vibrant event set the stage for their connection and eventual engagement, highlighting the unpredictable and delightful nature of their meeting.

What is Tara Bernstein Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Tara Bernstein  is around $400K USD.

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