Who is Elsina Khayrova? Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend

Elsina Khayrova has gained recognition as the purported girlfriend of Tom Cruise. Given her significant social media following, fans are eager to delve deeper into various aspects of her life, including her personal life, career, and relationship status. As she enjoys prominence on social platforms, there is heightened curiosity surrounding these facets of her life. Without further delay, let’s explore and shed light on Elsina Khayrova’s background and current circumstances.

Who is Elsina Khayrova?

Elsina Khayrova
36 years old
Net Worth
$500K USD
Tom Cruise

Elsina Khayrova has risen to prominence as the alleged girlfriend of Tom Cruise. Notably, earlier this month, she was observed alongside Cruise at a gathering in London’s Grosvenor Square, sparking heightened speculation and interest in their relationship. As of the time of writing this article, her Instagram account boasts a substantial following of 12.5K, accompanied by 825 posts that provide a glimpse into her life and experiences.

Beyond her association with the Hollywood icon, Elsina’s background holds distinctive elements. She is identified as the daughter of Rinat Khayrova, a prominent Russian Member of Parliament and a member of Vladimir Putin’s political party. This familial connection adds a layer of intrigue to Elsina’s public persona, contributing to the curiosity surrounding her life and activities.


Moreover, Elsina Khayrova holds British citizenship and appears to consider London as her home base. This geographical association further shapes the narrative around her, prompting questions about her connections to diverse cultural and political spheres. As she continues to capture public attention, Elsina Khayrova’s multifaceted identity and affiliations are poised to remain subjects of interest and speculation.

How old is Elsina Khayrova?

Born in Russia in 1987, Elsina Khayrova, aged 36, is the daughter of Rinat Khayrova, a distinguished Russian Member of Parliament and a member of Vladimir Putin’s political party. While information about her father is available, details regarding her mother are known.

Who is  Elsina Khayrova Boyfriend?

Elsina Khayrova is currently in a relationship with Tom Cruise. Her previous marriage to Russian oligarch Dmitry Tsvetkov came to an end in 2022 when she filed for divorce. The separation occurred two years earlier after more than a decade of marriage.

In December, Tsvetkov shared his perspective on Elsina’s new relationship with Cruise in an interview with the Daily Mail, stating, “Irrespective of whoever she’s with, Tom Cruise or anybody else, they should be aware that she likes the finer things in life and has expensive and luxurious tastes.” He added, “Tom should keep his eyes and wallet wide open.” Despite the divorce, Tsvetkov expressed happiness for Elsina and wished her the best.

Elsina Khayrova

Elsina and Tsvetkov reportedly share two children. In September, Elsina took to Instagram to share a heartfelt birthday tribute to her daughter Eva, referring to her as her “best friend.” These glimpses into Elsina Khayrova’s personal life provide insight into the complexities of her relationships and family dynamics.

What is  Elsina Khayrova Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of  Elsina Khayrova is around $500K USD.

Elsina Khayrova

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