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Andy Sellers is widely recognized as the partner of Ambika Mod, known for her portrayal of Emma Morley in the film “One Day.” Ambika is romantically involved with actor Andy Sellers.

Notably, the couple is slated to co-star in Disney+’s upcoming thriller series, “Playdate,” a project speculated to be where their relationship blossomed.

In an interview with The Cut, Ambika Mod shared insights into her views on romance, confessing, “I never really thought of myself as a romantic fan. I’m very cynical about that kind of stuff — about romance, love and relationships.

So this all feels a bit bizarre.” Given Andy’s significant presence on social media, fans are eager to delve deeper into his personal life, career trajectory, and current relationship status. Therefore, without further ado, let us delve into these aspects.

Who is Andy Sellers?

Andy Sellers
30 years old
Net Worth
$300K USD
Ambika Mod

Andy Sellers is a prominent actor recognized for his notable roles in films such as “Young Woman and the Sea” (2024), “Playdate,” and “All Creatures Great and Small” (2020). With a diverse portfolio, Andy has also graced the screen in popular series like “Outlander.”

Recently, he concluded filming for the anticipated drama film “Young Woman and the Sea,” sharing the screen with esteemed actors Stephen Graham and Lily James. Andy’s journey in the entertainment industry took root after graduating from the esteemed Royal Central School of Speech & Drama last year.

His theatrical prowess was showcased in his West End debut, where he understudied the pivotal roles of Joe and Simon in “Touching the Void” at the Duke of York’s Theatre, a performance that spanned from November until February of this year.

Beyond his stage and screen roles, Andy’s involvement in productions such as “Losers,” as part of Voices From Home, and his participation in a rehearsed reading of “Divided” underscore his versatility as an actor.

In an exclusive conversation with us, Andy reflected on his experiences, including his West End debut in “Touching the Void,” his involvement in “Losers,” and the invaluable training he received at the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama.

How old is Andy Sellers?

Andy Sellers

Andy Sellers, born in 1993 in the United Kingdom, is a distinguished 30-year-old actor. While his professional achievements have garnered attention, information regarding his personal life, including details about his parents and siblings, remains relatively scarce.

Nevertheless, endeavors are actively underway to procure additional insights into his familial background, and updates will be provided as soon as available.

Who is Andy Sellers Girlfriend?

Andy Sellers

Andy Sellers, an accomplished actor, is currently romantically involved with Ambika Mod. While the intricacies of their relationship remain mostly undisclosed to the public, recent sightings of the couple on an endearing date accompanied by their canine companion, Todd, have piqued curiosity.

Their evident affection and intimacy during a leisurely stroll in the park have captured attention, offering a glimpse into their shared bond. On the other hand, Ambika’s fellow actor Leo has also found companionship with his co-star Meghann Fahy from “The White Lotus.”

Reports suggest that Leo and Meghann have been in a relationship since at least November, adding another dimension to the intertwining romantic dynamics within the entertainment industry.

Despite the limited information available about Andy and Ambika’s relationship, their public appearances reflect a deep connection and mutual affection. Fans and media outlets alike are captivated by their chemistry, eagerly anticipating any updates on their journey together.

As their love story continues to unfold, observers remain intrigued by the dynamics of their relationship, eagerly awaiting further insights into their private lives.

What is Andy Sellers  Net Worth?

Andy Sellers

The estimated Net Worth of Andy Sellers is around $300K USD.

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