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Trevor Sova, a participant in the acclaimed reality show ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 6, has recently found himself under public scrutiny following reports of the dissolution of his romantic involvement with Natalia.

As disclosed by media outlets, this purported separation occurred in February 2024, just prior to the anticipated airing of ‘Love is Blind Season 6, adding an intriguing layer to the unfolding narrative of their relationship.

Alleged correspondences between Trevor and Natalia have surfaced, indicating a tumultuous turn of events leading to their breakup.

These exchanges depict a scenario where Trevor seemingly ceased communication with Natalia for a considerable duration, prompting her to voice her dismay over his prolonged silence. In one instance, Natalia expressed her frustration, stating, “You have made me wait 7 days without speaking a word to me. You can wait till tomorrow.”

Trevor’s response, characterized by reluctance to engage in dialogue, hinted at a palpable strain in their relationship dynamics. He conveyed his apprehension towards addressing the situation, lamenting his own behavior and acknowledging Natalia’s justified expectations for better treatment.

His assertion that Natalia deserved someone “10x better” underscored a sense of remorse and recognition of his shortcomings in the relationship, highlighting the complexities inherent in modern romantic entanglements.

Who is Trevor Sova?

Trevor Sova
August 1993
30 years old
Net Worth
$200K USD

Trevor Sova

Trevor Sova, a distinguished contestant in the renowned reality television series ‘Love Is Blind Season 6, stands out not only for his captivating presence on screen but also for his dynamic professional pursuits.

As a seasoned project manager currently employed as a project technician at Cardinal Health in North Carolina, Trevor exemplifies a strong work ethic and a dedication to excellence in his chosen field.

Throughout his journey on ‘Love Is Blind,’ Trevor articulated his desire for a partner who shares his ambition and drive, underscoring his penchant for goal-oriented individuals.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Trevor reveals facets of his personal life through his Instagram platform, where glimpses of his affection for fitness and his cherished canine companions are shared with his avid followers.

Despite his notable public profile, Trevor maintains a degree of privacy surrounding his family background, with scant mentions of his parents or upbringing in media interviews or social media posts.

Born in Summerville, Trevor’s childhood remains largely undisclosed, leaving enthusiasts to speculate on his ethnic heritage, which, based on available information, suggests an American background.

Amidst his rising fame, Trevor navigated through a romantic entanglement that captured the attention of viewers and tabloid headlines alike. Engaged in a complex interplay involving fellow contestants Jimmy Presnell, Chelsea Blackwell, and Jessica Vestal, Trevor found himself entwined in what can only be described as a love quadrangle.

However, the plot thickened when Natalia Marrero, a woman previously unknown to the public eye, surfaced with photographic evidence and chat transcripts purportedly documenting a clandestine relationship with Trevor.

Allegations of leading Natalia on with promises of a future together clashed with the backdrop of Trevor’s simultaneous participation in the filming of ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 6, prompting a flurry of speculation and intrigue among fans and critics alike.

With his Instagram boasting a sizable following of 164K, fueled by a modest 23 posts at the time of writing, Trevor’s digital footprint serves as a window into his world, albeit one carefully curated to reflect his passions for fitness, canine companionship, and perhaps, a hint of the complexities that underlie his romantic pursuits.

How old is Trevor Sova?

Trevor Sova

Trevor Sova, born in August 1993 in Summerville, United States of America, currently stands at 30 years of age, marking the passage of time since his entry into the world.

While Trevor’s professional and public persona have garnered significant attention, details regarding his family background, including information about his parents and potential siblings, remain shrouded in mystery.

Despite the scarcity of available information concerning his familial ties, efforts are underway to uncover additional insights into Trevor’s personal life, with the hope of shedding light on the individuals who may have played integral roles in shaping his journey thus far.

As enthusiasts and admirers eagerly await further developments, the enigmatic allure surrounding Trevor’s familial connections adds yet another layer of intrigue to his captivating narrative.

Who is Trevor Sova’s Girlfriend?

Trevor Sova

Trevor Sova’s alleged intentions to engage with female contestants within the confines of the pods, without sincere intentions of pursuing marriage, have sparked controversy and speculation within the realm of reality television.

Reports from The Reality Ashley have surfaced, detailing Trevor’s purported discussions with his then-girlfriend about proposing to another contestant, Chelsea, during the show.

In a conversation that has since garnered attention, Trevor expressed sentiments suggesting a facade of emotions, stating, “I hope you know how much I love you and had to pretend that this wasn’t real life to say anything I said.”

Natalia, Trevor’s girlfriend at the time, seemingly lent her support to this orchestrated performance of love, standing by his side and affirming her understanding of his situation while professing unwavering love for him.

However, the plot thickened as rumors emerged regarding Trevor’s abrupt termination of his relationship with Natalia in February 2024, just prior to the scheduled airing of ‘Love is Blind’ Season 6.

Alleged messages exchanged between Trevor and Natalia suggest a tumultuous conclusion to their romance, with Trevor reportedly “ghosting” Natalia for a week before initiating the breakup.

In these exchanges, Natalia’s frustration is palpable as she confronts Trevor about his week-long silence, asserting, “You have made me wait 7 days without speaking a word to me. You can wait till tomorrow.”

Trevor’s response, characterized by a reluctance to engage in discussion, reflects a sense of guilt and avoidance, as he questions the necessity of addressing the situation after his neglectful behavior throughout the week. Notably, Trevor rationalizes his actions by asserting that Natalia deserves someone of superior caliber, claiming she merits a partner “10x better” than himself.

Amidst this tumultuous backdrop, the status of Trevor’s relationship with Chelsea Blackwell remains shrouded in ambiguity. While forthcoming episodes hint at a reunion between Trevor and Chelsea, reigniting the spark they shared within the pods, the true nature of their connection remains undisclosed.

Chelsea’s confession to Trevor about contemplating the potential outcome had she chosen him adds an intriguing layer of complexity to their interaction. As Trevor teases fans with photos of him embracing Chelsea, anticipation mounts regarding the unfolding developments in their relationship. With speculation rife and tensions running high, viewers eagerly await the revelation of what transpires during this anticipated rendezvous.

What is Trevor Sova’s Net Worth?

Trevor Sova

The estimated Net Worth of  Trevor Sova is around $200K USD.

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