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Elena Zhukova, a distinguished retired molecular biologist with expertise in diabetes research, is making headlines alongside media mogul Rupert Murdoch 92 as they embark on a new chapter in their lives together.

At 92 years old, Murdoch, the former chairman of Fox and News Corps, is preparing for his fifth marriage, this time to the 67-year-old Zhukova. Their relationship has garnered attention as they gear up to exchange vows this June, marking Murdoch’s sixth engagement.

Reports have surfaced indicating that the couple, who began dating last summer, has already sent out invitations for the forthcoming nuptials.

The wedding is slated to take place at Murdoch’s expansive California vineyard and estate, Moraga, according to sources cited by The New York Times and ABC News.

This union between a pioneering scientist and a titan of the media industry underscores the intriguing intersections of personal lives within the public eye, capturing the fascination of onlookers as they anticipate the celebration of love and commitment.

Who is Elena Zhukova?

Elena Zhukova
67 years old
Net Worth
$800K USD
Moscow, Russia
Rupert Murdoch

Elena Zhukova

Elena Zhukova emerges as a luminary in the realm of molecular biology, with a distinguished specialization in diabetes research. Her illustrious career boasts significant contributions, including groundbreaking work conducted during her tenure at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Hailing originally from Moscow, Zhukova embarked on a transformative journey, relocating to the United States in 1991, a pivotal period marked by the twilight of the Soviet Union.

Zhukova’s personal narrative intertwines with her professional achievements, reflecting a rich tapestry of experiences and encounters. Prior to her current engagement, Zhukova traversed the terrain of matrimony, having been married twice, notably to Russian oil magnate Alexander Zhukov.

This union bore fruit in the form of a daughter, Dasha Zhukova, who has carved her own path in the realm of art and culture. Zhukova’s reflections on her familial heritage underscore her affinity with the cultural and intellectual milieu of Moscow, encapsulating her identity as a product of the “usual, normal Moscow intelligentsia.”

Through her life’s journey, Elena Zhukova epitomizes resilience, intellect, and a steadfast commitment to advancing scientific knowledge, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of molecular biology.

How old is Elena Zhukova?


Elena Zhukova, the retired molecular biologist specializing in diabetes research, was born in Moscow, Russia, in 1956, making her 67 years old.

Details about her parents and siblings are not readily available at the moment, but efforts are underway to gather more information about her family background.

As we await further insights into her personal history, Zhukova’s professional achievements and contributions in the field of molecular biology continue to garner recognition and admiration within the scientific community.

Who is Elena Zhukova Fiancee?

Elena Zhukova

Elena Zhukova, the esteemed retired molecular biologist renowned for her groundbreaking work in diabetes research, is now making headlines in the realm of high-profile engagements. She is currently engaged to media mogul Rupert Murdoch, marking a significant development in both their personal lives.

Reports indicate that their forthcoming marriage is scheduled to take place at Murdoch’s Moraga vineyard and estate in California later this year. This union will mark Murdoch’s fifth marriage, although it’s his sixth engagement, a testament to the complexities and intricacies of his romantic history.

Their relationship blossomed following Murdoch’s abrupt disengagement from former police chaplain Ann Lesley Smith in April 2023.

The serendipitous encounter occurred at a party hosted by one of Murdoch’s ex-wives, the Chinese-born entrepreneur Wendi Deng, further intertwining the narrative of their love story with the tapestry of Murdoch’s past relationships.

Murdoch’s matrimonial journey has been marked by notable unions with Australian flight attendant Patricia Booker, Scottish-born journalist Anna Mann, Wendi Deng, and US model and actress Jerry Hall.

Zhukova’s introduction to Murdoch occurred during a family gathering organized by his third former wife, Wendi Deng, highlighting the intricate web of connections within their social circles.

Prior to her engagement to Murdoch, Zhukova was married to Russian oil billionaire Alexander Zhukov, with whom she shares a daughter, Dasha Zhukova. Dasha, a prominent socialite and businesswoman, was previously married to Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich until 2017.

Zhukova’s familial background is rooted in the cultural and intellectual milieu of Moscow, shaping her identity as part of the “usual, normal Moscow intelligentsia.”

Meanwhile, Murdoch’s divorce from his fourth wife, supermodel Jerry Hall, in 2022 marked a significant chapter in his personal life. With past marriages to Wendi Deng, Anna Murdoch Mann, and Patricia Booker, Murdoch’s familial landscape encompasses a diverse array of relationships.

As he transitions from his chief role at News Corp, handing over the reins to his son Lachlan, Murdoch’s impending nuptials with Zhukova signal a new chapter in both their lives, brimming with anticipation and excitement for the journey ahead.

What is Elena Zhukova Net Worth?

Elena Zhukova


The estimated Net Worth of  Elena Zhukova is around $800K USD.

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