Elon Musk seemed to reveal that he and Shivon Zilis had twins in secret.

Canada is where Zilis was born. She was a goalie for the Yale University ice hockey team while she was a student there.

She moved to Austin, Texas, after formerly residing in San Francisco.

Zili's private Instagram account, @shivonzilis, had more than 1,000 followers before it was removed after the birth of the child.

Zilis worked at IBM after receiving his Yale degree. Later, she joined Bloomberg Beta as a founding member

Zilis afterwards transferred to Neuralink, where she worked as a project director in the CEO's office.

She currently serves as the organization's director of operations and special projects, which Musk co-founded in 2016.

Zilis joined OpenAI, a company that Elon co-founded, as an adviser before switching to the board in 2016.