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BiographyDaily.com wants to provide everyone with the best quality reviews, News, and Movie News around the world. At BiographyDaily.com we serve the hottest and latest news through our website and help our audience make better decisions through our detailed reviews that matter the most to the end consumer. We here at BiographyDaily want to make sure that you are the most updated person. Join us on our journey and be the most up-to-date person in Pop, Tech Culture. For Feedback, complaints, queries please let us know at NewBiographyDaily@Gmail.com. We are happy to assist you. Our motive is to provide you all with the latest information on everything new at your fingertips with no biases and straightforward fact representation. With a dedicated team, we are here for you, and would always like to connect with our readers, have a conversation, criticization, and gradually assist you to gain what you wish. So, if you have got anything on your mind and if it is associated with Tech, don’t hesitate even a moment to contact us. We’ll strive our maximum to reply to your queries and assist you most sincerely and efficiently within our limit.

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Nithi Shetty – Editor

Nithi – After graduating with a degree in BA and MA. As our lead editor, Nithi guides the stories BiographyDaily reporters cover. She has been instrumental in making sure the content on the site is clear and concise for our readers. Nithi mostly covers Entertainment topics, but at times loves to write about movie reviews as well. Email: Nithiremedy@gmail.com

Madhuri Shetty – Editor

Madhuri is our second lead editor who continuously searches for new things and the one who likes to explore. Madhuri helped bring BiographyDaily from a weekly email newsletter to a full-fledged news publication by creating a new website and branding. Email: Madhurishettysuma@gmail.com

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