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Roaring Kitty aka Keith Patrick Gill is also known as “Mr. Wizard” rose to fame after he attracted retail cash into “GAME STOCK”, he was first identified by DailyMail publication as Youtuber using LLC records. 

Kitty used to run a youtube channel under the name “Roaring Kitty” where he used to upload videos about the stock market and personal investment advice, on his channel he boasts 184k subscribers. Recently, Gill shared a screenshot in which he showed how he turned $745,991 into a $47 Million windfall. 

Roaring Kitty

In an interview with WALL STREET JOURNAL Gill said, he began investing in Game Stop stock in 2019, and during that time a share went for 5 dollars. Recently, Keith Gill and DeepF—ing Value managed to attract people into game stock., on Jan 29th, 2021 GAME STOCK share rose to 70%.

On Jan 28th, 2021, Keith Gill shared a screenshot of the E* Trade account which held around $33 million. In an interview with Bloomberg.com, he said “I occasionally short stocks, it’s becoming a bigger part of my process, I’m trying to incorporate it more and more, but I still focus mostly on the long side,” and added “You’ll see me short, sometimes just because I’m bored. The timing of it is so difficult as everyone knows.”

Who is Keith Gill?

Keith Gill
34 years old
5 feet 10 inches tall
Elaine Gill
Sara & Kevin
Net Worth
$34 Million USD

Roaring Kitty

Keith Gill started his career at “MassMutual Insurance” in which his name is associated on Google with Good Company website and later he worked as a “financial advisor in Massachusetts”. According to the Wall Street Journal, Gill worked in a Mutual Life Insurance Co has a marketing advisor in Massachusetts. From his LinkedIn page, we get to know that Gill also worked as a Director of financial wellness education at MassMutual and also the president of Debris Publishing Inc. He also worked as a Chartered Financial Analyst and investment operations officer at LexShares.

Keith Gill started his YouTube channel on April 4th, 2015 and with more than 100,000 subscribers, he uploaded his first video titled “Roaring Kitty” on July 4th, 2020. His video description reads “My investment style involves continually tracking thousands of stocks using a variety of widely available tools. When opportunity strikes – as it occasionally does in markets comprised of biased humans – I’m prepared to pounce and capitalize on the situation. I’m probably best classified as a fundamentals-focused deep value investor, though I find I’m increasingly leaning on technical analysis for screening, timing, and tracking stocks. In the years ahead I look forward to honing my portfolio management approach by acquiring bolt-on skillsets and further developing my approach to risk management”.

Furthermore, he describes his channel for education purposes only, “I share my approach to investing to set you on the right path to building out your own investment process. I don’t provide personal investment advice or stock recommendations during the stream. Please understand that my style of investing is extremely aggressive and I take on a substantial amount of risk. It’s likely my approach would not be suitable for you. If you’re seeking personalized advice, I encourage you to sit down with a financial professional who can review your personal situation, financial background, risk tolerance, etc. Check out the Roaring Kitty disclaimer video for more information”. He also has a Twitter account under the name @TheRoaringKitty and his Bio reads “A method for hunting stocks and pouncing on investment opportunities. Live streams on Mon/Wed/Fri from 7-10 pm ET. For educational purposes only”. Besides this, he also has a Tiktok account with 622 followers.

How old is Keith Gill?

How old is Keith Gill? He was born in 1987 in Brockton, Massachusetts, United States, now his age is 34 years as of 2021. Talking about his family, his father’s name is Steven and his mother Elaine Gill, he also has two siblings named Sara who is 28 years old, and Kevin who is 15 years old. Recently, Gill’s brother Kevin wrote on his Facebook page “Um yeah. So my brother is kinda famous now.”

Know About Keith Gill Wife

Keith Gill is married to Caroline Gill and has one kid they currently resist in Wilmington, Massachusetts who lives in a three-bed home. However, from the source, we get to know that he previously lived in New Hampshire along with his family.

Net Worth

The estimated Net worth of Keith Gill is around $34 Million USD.

(Image Source: Keith Gill Instagram)

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