What is Jonna Mae aka Missesmae Net Worth? Income, Asset, & Income

Jonna Mae aka Missesmae is a Twitch gamer, Actress and Youtuber. Recently, she opened up about online harassment, Mae said “What I’ve told my chat and my community is, whenever you see something in the chat that’s disrespectful, a troll, hateful, whatever, spam the pizza emoji.”

Then, she continued “Because then we start talking about food, we’ll start pushing out that person and you won’t even see it in the chat — maybe I won’t see it in the chat … Like to me, it’s the idea of you let in and you let things affect you — you get to choose what that is. You don’t even give them space, don’t give them the time of day, just flush them out.”.

What is Jonna Mae aka Missesmae Net Worth?

Jonna Mae aka Missesmae Net Worth

$250k to 300K USD.

Jonna Mae

Jonna Mae is a Twitch gamer, Actress, and Youtuber, she is best known as MissesMae and well known for her commentary on games like The Walking Dead and GTA 5.

Also, she runs a Youtube channel under the name MissesMae which has around 370K subscribers, the channel was created on Jan 23rd, 2021, her Youtube bio read “Welcome to my channel!  I usually post games that I am currently playing. I also from time to time post a lot of random and fun vlogs”.

Mae’s first console was Nintendo Entertainment System, she shared about her gaming experience “When Facebook Gaming first started, a lot of the people who watched me didn’t even know what streaming was. Like didn’t even know Twitch, they might watch YouTube, but they didn’t know there was live YouTube content out there,” added “And it excited them again, kind of reignited the gaming fire under them, and it felt really good to be able to spark that.”

On her Instagram account, she has around 167K followers with 3861 posts. Before getting into gaming she served as a nurse at a nursing home. Currently, at Facebook Gaming, she streams for about 40 hours a week. On her Twitter account, she has around 168.7K followers.

Missesmae also acted in Live! (2003). VanossGaming (2012) and Bill Nye Saves the World (2017). Furthermore, she has collaborated with several brands throughout her career, including gaming headset maker Turtle Beach, data storage company Seagate and computer case manufacturer NZXT, Samsung. She has also appeared on Netflix’s Bill Nye Saves The World and Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

Currently, she’s in a relationship with Mike Carr, aka Optic Di3sel who is a full-time streamer on Twitch. Mike is also the former founding member of OpTic Gaming and OMoO. Earlier, she dated Lui Calibre the YouTube star.

The Estimated Net Worth of Jonna Mae is $250k to 300K USD.

(Image Source: Jonna Mae aka Missesmae Instagram)

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