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Abelina Sabrina is an American Youtuber and Twitch Streamer. Recently, she uploaded a video on her youtube channel with the caption “My pregnancy” in which she talks about her abortion and she says she was forced to get aborted by her Ex-boyfriend, she did not mention the name in the video. However, many of her fan’s and Twitter users alleged that she is referring to her ex-boyfriend Gus Johnson. She said in her relationship, she ended up getting pregnant but she didn’t have the support of her partner when it happened. In the video, she claimed she had an ectopic pregnancy. After the video went viral, Gus Johnson issued an apology letter on Twitter but either Sabrina or the internet were not ready to take it. In the 23-minute video, Sabrina explained how she nearly ended up dead at the hospital after her left fallopian tube ruptured. Many users took to Twitter and other social media platforms and blasted Johnson. One user wrote “Guess it turns out Gus Johnson is a piece of sh*t,” another said “Sabrina’s new video is just heartbreaking. The main takeaway should be making sure your choices are your own, but as a fan of Gus Johnson, I can’t forgive the awful, abusive way he treated her. I will no longer be supporting his work, and I advise others to do the same,” while another user said “This is so scary Sabrina. I’m so happy you’re still here, despite how insanely hard it was to advocate for yourself. Thank you for opening up about this — it’s wild to hear how far removed “my body, my choice” is from our reality. I can only imagine how hard this must have been and I commend you for having the bravery to tell your story. No one should have to go through this alone. I’m so glad you’re here. “

Who is Abelina Sabrina?


Abelina Sabrina


February 20, 1994


27 years old

Net Worth

$600K USD


Gus Johnson

Birth Place


Abelina Sabrina

Abelina Sabrina is an American Youtuber and Twitch Streamer. Her Instagram baost 34K followers with 492 posts at the time of writing this article. She runs a youtube channel under her name which has around 177K subscribers and the channel was started on 11 Nov 2008. Her Youtube bio reads “Her name is Abelina Sabrina, as you can probably guess she’s Latina, but from Mexico not from Argentina, Twitch Partner who plays games like Ocarina and sometimes makes YouTube sketches dressed as Selena, maybe her parents wanted her to become a ballerina so they stuck her with a silly sing-songy name like Abelina Sabrina. abelina Sabrina or Sabrina abelina makes videos you have seen in passing such as your coworker who gets promoted to manager, your landlord during a pandemic, or even girls who put hiking in their Tinder bio.” Previously, Sabrina worked for the Walt Disney Co.

How old is Abelina Sabrina?

Abelina Sabrina

Abelina Sabrina was born on February 20, 1994, in the United States, she is 27 years old. Talking about her parents and siblings we do not have much information regarding them. However, we will keep you updated very soon.

Who is Abelina Sabrina Ex-Boyfriend?

Abelina Sabrina

Abelina Sabrina was in a relationship with Gus Johnson aka Gustav Emil Johnson who is an American comedian, filmmaker, and musician known for sketch comedy on YouTube. However, the couple is not together anymore. On October 25, 2021, Gus shared the pre-typed apology on Twitter. He wrote “I am aware of the recent video that calls out some actions that I’m not proud of and I want to apologize. circumstances were extremely hard and complicated for both, we were young and not remotely prepared to deal with all the realities of the long-lasting and traumatic medical situation” he added further “I fully realize that I did wrong, and wish I could change how I responded and actress during that time. I’ve grown a great deal since that happened and I wish I knew then what I know now.”

What is Abelina Sabrina Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Abelina Sabrina is around $600K USD.

Abelina Sabrina

(Image Source: Abelina Sabrina Instagram)

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